Interim president-in-waiting vows to call new Bolivia vote

Telegram från AFP / Omni
11 nov. 2019, 21.34

Bolivia's deputy senate speaker, Jeanine Anez -- constitutionally in line to become interim president following Evo Morales' resignation -- pledged Monday to call fresh elections in the troubled South American country.

"We are going to call elections," Anez told reporters in La Paz, saying that there will be "an electoral process that reflects the will of all Bolivians."

Morales, 60, resigned Sunday after weeks of often violent protests following his contested October 20 re-election which monitors from the Organization of American States said was riddled with irregularities.

Clutching the Bolivian flag outside the Congress building, the 52-year-old Anez made an emotional plea for an end to weeks of violent protests.

"I ask you for the love of God to stop the violence. We only want democracy, we just want freedom," said the senator, her voice breaking.

"It is up to me to call a session" of the Congress, she said. "I hope that we now give some certainty in this country that needs it so much."

Anez, a senator for the northeastern department of Beni, arrived at the parliament building in La Paz wearing a black sweater and jeans and gold sneakers.

Lawmakers are due to meet Tuesday to begin the process of electing an interim president after the resignations of Morales and his ministers left a power vacuum in the country.