In trade deal, China agrees to buy $200 bn more in US goods over 2 years

Telegram från AFP / Omni
15 jan. 2020, 19.29

In the "phase one" trade deal, China agreed to buy $200 billion more in US goods over two years than it did in 2017 before the trade war erupted, according to the agreement signed Wednesday.

That includes an additional $32 billion in American farm products and seafood, nearly $78 billion in manufactured goods like aircraft, machinery and steel, and $52 billion in energy products.

Below are the details from the text of the agreement, with figures in billions of US dollars:

Year 1 Year 2 Total

Manufactured goods 32.9 44.8 77.7

Industrial machinery

Electrical equipment, machinery

Pharmaceutical products

Aircraft (orders, deliveries)


Optical, medical instruments

Iron and steel

Other manufactured goods

Agriculture 12.5 19.5 32.0





Other agricultural commodities


Energy 18.5 33.9 52.4

Liquefied natural gas

Crude oil

Refined products


Services 12.8 25.1 37.9

Charges for use of IP

Business travel, tourism

Financial services, insurance

Other services

TOTAL 76.7 123.3 200.0